Agnt Blak is a talent agency exclusively representing First Nations peoples. 

To provide a culturally safe environment for Blak talent to thrive in the entertainment industry. 

Agnt Blak is 100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated, you can find more information about the founder Bianca Hunt in Talent.


BLAK EXCELLENCE:  To provide the best talent across the country. Increasing representation of First Nations talent in the mainstream media industry. 

STORYTELLER: To utilise our cultural gift of Storytelling which has been passed down for millennia as First Nations Peoples. 

ACCESSIBLE:  To provide an accessible agency for First Nations talents with a range of specialities and abilities to receive representation. Through training and development as well as supporting Agnt Blak Talent to be the best they can be. 

COMMUNITY:  To provide a community feeling for and of Talent and to share experiences and learnings together. 

LOVE:  To be a safe space for every talent who comes into contact with Agnt Blak and undertake training where possible to ensure safe representation and handling of talents needs.