Over the last year and half of operation, we've looked into the trends and points of engagement for AGNT BLAK in which the company does not currently service. We are taking the time now to reimagine First Nations Talent need first and foremost, as well as our clients. We are still taking enquires and bookings as seen fit, however we currently do not have any talent "on the books". We are so excited about the next chapter of AGNT BLAK and hope you are too!

Agnt Blak is a talent agency exclusively representing First Nations peoples. 

To provide a culturally safe environment for Blak talent to thrive in the entertainment industry. 

Agnt Blak is 100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated by Bianca Hunt. 


BLAK EXCELLENCE: provide the best talent across the country. Increasing representation of First Nations talent in the mainstream media industry. 

STORYTELLER: To utilise our cultural gift of Storytelling which has been passed down for millennia as First Nations Peoples. 

ACCESSIBLE:  To provide an accessible agency for First Nations talents with a range of specialities and abilities to receive representation. Through training and development as well as supporting Agnt Blak Talent to be the best they can be. 

COMMUNITY:  To provide a community feeling for and of Talent and to share experiences and learnings together. 

LOVE:  To be a safe space for every talent who comes into contact with Agnt Blak and undertake training where possible to ensure safe representation and handling of talents needs.