Liandra Gayamangu she/her
Liandra Gayamangu she/her

Liandra Gayamangu she/her


Based: Gulumirrgin [Darwin] 

Liandra is the founder and creative director of fashion label Liandra Swim, a premium designer swimwear label that fuses sun, surf and culture. Liandra Swim is also an eco-conscious label and works to share positive stories about Indigenous Australia, through our signature prints.

Liandra is the co-CEO and a board director of Enterprise Learning Projects, a 100% Aboriginal controlled not-for-profit. Through her work with ELP Liandra directly overseas an Incubator and Mentor program for Indigenous entrepreneurs in remote communities across the north of Australia. Liandra is also a former English and history high school teacher. As a Yolŋu woman from North-East Arnhem Land, Liandra has a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing remote entrepreneurs.


  • Fashion
  • Speaking
  • Content Creation
  • Modelling